Tom Fowler is one of the best artists going and has been for a very long time, but as much as I've enjoyed his work in comics, my favorite project he's done is unquestionably D&D&D. Originally posted on Tumblr, it's a series of sketches inspired by his exploits in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, full of monsters, broadswords, and frequently naked giants charging into battle.

Now, Fowler's collecting those sketches into a 100-page hardcover art book, and he's funding the project with a Kickstarter campaign that you're probably going to want to be a part of.



Over at the Kickstarter page, Fowler discussed the origins of the project, and how it kept him from burning out on illustration:


D&D&D by Tom Fowler


A number of years ago I found I’d started to hate to draw. I’d been doing it professionally at that point probably for 10-15 years and before that since I could remember. Suffice it to say that when the thing you do that you feel defines you, the thing that comforted you when you were bullied or when girls wouldn’t talk to you, when that thing becomes the bully in your life... well, it’s not great. I got very low for a long time. Eventually my wife suggested (largely in an attempt to get me out of the house) that I join a group of our friends who played D&D every week.

So off I marched with a note book, dice, and a bottle of wine and spent the next few weeks mashing orcs into a fine paste on graph paper.


You have to admit, it's a pretty solid solution. The Kickstarter campaign for D&D&D runs through December 13, and digital copies of the book start at the $10 level, with physical copies at $15.


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