Last week, ComicsAlliance brought you the news that legendary artist Norm Breyfogle, whose beautiful, stylized art graced the pages of Batman and Detective Comics from 1987 to 1993, was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. While Breyfogle is expected to recover with time, the stroke has unfortunately left him paralyzed on his left side, which is particularly devastating since Breyfogle is a left-handed artist.

The stay at the hospital and his treatment have wiped out Breyfogle's savings and left him with $200,000 in medical expenses. Like so many veterans of the comics industry, Breyfogle doesn't have insurance to cover these costs. As a result, his family is turning to a crowdfunding campaign to cover Beyfogle's treatment and, hopefully, help him fully recover.

In addition to the regular campaign, artists including Phil Hester and Tom Fowler have started work on art pieces to benefit Breyfogle, with the proceeds from their sales going directly to funding Breyfogle's hospital bills and long-term care. Hester's slots for sketches have already been booked up; Fowler's painted Batman piece will be auctioned off today.

On a positive note, as of this writing, the campaign to help Breyfogle has already raised over $22,000 in a single day.

It seems trite to say something like "do what Batman would do" when you're confronted with a real-life situation this serious, but Breyfogle is easily one of the definitive artists of an era for the character, and as a result, his work has inspired countless fans and creators. ComicsAlliance would like to encourage our readers to give what you can, if you can.


Batman art by Norm Breyfogle


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