This week, DC Comics is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Green Arrow who debuted alongside Aquaman (whose anniversary was celebrated last week) in More Fun Comics #73. To celebrate seventy five years of the Emerald Archer, Comixology has a week long sale featuring a host of his defining runs, so you can stock up on classic stories while you wait for Arrow to return for its fifth season.

If you're going to grab just one run from this sale, I'd recommend Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's time on the title from 2013, which ran from Green Arrow #17 and concluded in Green Arrow #34. Over the course of the run, the creative team introduced a bold new threat in Komodo and revealed a secret war of clans, uniting characters like Green Arrow, Katana, and Onyx as representatives of their chosen weapons.


Green Arrow 17


The run also established Sorrentino as a superstar in the making, after making a big debut in the pages of I, Vampire. After Green Arrow, the artist was snapped up by Marvel to work on two X-Men annuals with Brian Michael Bendis, and is currently re-teamed with Lemire in the pages of Old Man Logan.

Elsewhere in the sale, you're not going to want to miss the chance to get Mike Grell's take on the character for as cheap as Comixology is offering. Everything you love about Green Arrow owes something to Grell's work on the character and you can buy all three oversized issues of Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters for 99 cents, which is a bargain you shouldn't pass up.




There's also Brad Meltzer's best comics work ever in "The Archer's Quest," which begins in Green Arrow #16. Some of Judd Winick's best superhero work can be found in this sale too, both of which features some excellent Phil Hester art.

The Comixology sale highlights just how good Green Arrow comics can be. It runs until October 3rd.


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