It's not hard to see why Tomasz Opasinski enjoys work as an artist and consultant at a number of Los Angeles advertising agencies. Even if you've never heard his name, you've no doubt seen the work of the Polish-born illustrator and designer all over the Web as part of the Internet's obsession with radical movie poster re-designs (Opasinski's approach to The Matrix is especially memorable).

The artist has expanded his repertoire to those areas we at ComicsAlliance find irresistible: simple, cute and comic book-related. As spotlighted by the incredibly helpful Geek Art, Opasinski's new series of movie posters for Iron Man, Terminator, Hulk, Star Wars, Hellboy use the DIY possibilities of Munny toys to create a style that is both captivating and somehow adorable, but with enough drama to convey the mood of each piece he homages. We've got the comic book-centric pieces after the jump.

For more Tomasz Opasinski work in this style -- including takes on Inception and Rain Man -- plus more gorgeous work across the board, please visit his official site.