While at New York Comic-Con last weekend, ComicsAlliance's Chris Sims had the opportunity to speak to writer and artist Tony Daniel, who will taking over both the scripting and art on "Batman" starting this November. We discussed the usual things you'd expect: How it's different to write Dick Grayson as Batman instead of Bruce Wayne, what it's like to work with Grant Morrison... until things suddenly went sideways when an unruly con-goer blew through our interview in the middle of the DC Comics booth, and then threatened to assault cameraman (and ComicsAlliance writer) Chris Murphy.

In true Batman fashion, Daniel stopped the interview in its tracks, and decided that he was not going to allow this injustice to stand. Check out the video after the jump.

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The interview began just like any other, with Daniel describing how writing the Dick Grayson version of Batman would be "much different, because Bruce Wayne is the Batman... he's basically a machine. He's Batman with a secret identity known as Bruce Wayne, [but] when Dick Grayson puts the cape and cowl on, he's still Dick Grayson. So writing him is a lot more fun for me because I get to put some more human elements into writing Dick Grayson than I wouldn't be able to do with Bruce Wayne Batman. [Grayson]'s a little bit more candid in his expressions and a little funnier maybe at times, a little bit more relaxed."

Daniel also talked about working as the artist on the critically-acclaimed "Batman R.I.P" run in the "Batman" comic, where he says he "had a tremendous amount of fun working with Grant Morrison. I knew from the get-go that it was going to be epic. I mean, we all knew, months in advance, that this was going to be a very big storyline."

Then came the unfortunate interruption, as a random guy walked directly through the interview between the camera and Daniel, and then turned and threatened to "f**k up" our cameraman, Chris Murphy, when he objected. While the threat was not carried out and the man ultimately moved on, Daniel was nonetheless determined to right the wrong, and stopped the interview to have security eject the man from the convention, making it a safer and less douchey place for all.

Which is to say, Tony Daniel totally Batmanned someone at New York Comic-Con.

We can think of no better reason why he should write this book.

After the swift dispensing of justice, Daniel continued his discussion of "Batman R.I.P." and also added that his biggest goal and challenge on "Batman" will be the development of Dick Grayson "not just as Batman but as a character. When he's done playing Batman, he's a changed individual for the better and a stronger person. I would really like him to grow into something more than he was when he was Nightwing."

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