The Darkness #1 cover

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Top Cow Productions proudly announces the upcoming release of the new ongoing series starring The Darkness in December 2007. The Darkness #1 is slated for release on December 12th.

The new ongoing series will be written by Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Deep Sleeper) and penciled by Michael Broussard (Unholy Union). Both Hester and Broussard have stated their commitment to the ongoing series with Broussard recently signing a 3 year exclusive contract with Top Cow. The Darkness #1 finds the title character, Jackie Estacado irrevocably changed by the life changing events of First Born. Estacado has relocated to the Central American country of Sierra Muñoz and has seemingly gained a new understanding and control over his powers. But every tropical paradise has dark secrets underneath the surface...

The series promises to be an ideal jumping on point for new fans as well as an exciting evolution of the property for existing fans of The Darkness. The Darkness #1 is an over-sized first issue featuring three regular covers by co-creator Marc Silvestri (X-Men: Messiah CompleX), First Born artist Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade), and veteran The Darkness artist Dale Keown (The Darkness/Pitt). The series will be supported by house ads, outside advertising, promotional material, signings, and the October Previews contest.

"Michael and I are doing our doing or level best to intensify both the thematic and visual power of past incarnations of The Darkness, from the comics to the video game. We hope we've given the new series a

flavor that will startle and intrigue faithful Darkness readers while giving new fans a perfect chance to jump on the runaway train that is Jackie Estacado's life," said series scribe Hester. "I think it's some of the best writing of my career, and Michael's art will set the funnybook business on its ear."

"With video game sales exceeding 900,000 units worldwide interest for The Darkness has never been higher," commented Filip Sablik, Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Top Cow, "Phil and Michael are bringing the noise AND the funk on the ongoing series and I'm certain fans will be blown away."

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