About ten years I sent a fan e-mail to "Penvincipals," the Invincible fan mail page. To my surprise, it actually made it to print in Invincible 24. I don't remember what I wrote, exactly, but I do remember asking about Invincible toys and having Robert Kirkman jokingly threaten to sue me. A full decade later, it seems my wish for articulated figures is coming to fruition through Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys in the form of a Minimates box set. The Minimates are currently only in the design phase, with no official release date or pricing info set in stone. From the look of the designs at the DST Toy Fair booth, however, fans can see that the set will include Invincible, Atom Eve, Omni-Man and Allen the Alien - all in their classic costumes. You can scope out a bigger image of the Invincible box set art after the jump.

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