Ooze, bad guys and storage are the name of the game in Playmates' 2013 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures and vehicles. The toy maker's Toy Fair 2013 booth yielded a sewerful of upcoming toys, including scads of new villainous basic figures such as Spider Bytez, a new Liefeld-ian (look at those shoulder pads!) character called Newtralizer, a Mouser 7-pack, Leatherhead, Rat King and more. The Classic Collection is also getting its share of bad guys, with Bebop and Rocksteady joining the reto-style 6" series. Keeping the increased amount of evildoers at bay will be a new, more compact "Battle Shell" line that plays in the same scale as the basic figures (like the classic "Storage Scale" toys). The turtles will also have new vehicles at their disposal, including their interlocking Patrol Buggy, the Ninja AT3 and an RC Shellraiser. You can get a look at Playmates' official product info, along with our photos from their Toy Fair booth, after the jump.

Basic Action Figures:
Figures launching in April include Leatherhead, Snakeweed and Baxter Stockman. The August wave includes Rat King and Cockroach Terminator, as well as Stealth Tech Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo, each decked out with stealthy accessories and covert op's outfits. In October, a Mouser 7-pack, Spider Bytez, Newtralizer and a newly sculpted Shredder figure featuring a removable helmet and cape will all be available.

(Ages 4+,$7.99 - $8.99 each, January - October 2013)

New Smaller "Battle Shell" Figures:

Classic Collection Action Figures:

The Classic Collection Action Figures reflect the look of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 80's TV show. This August, the assortment expands to include the Turtles arch-nemsis' Bebop and Rocksteady! Each figure stands 6 inches tall, features more than 30 points of articulation and is authentically detailed to appeal to the true action figure collector. Each figure will come with its core Ninja weapons and a personalized sewer lid cover name base. The complete Classic Collection Action Figures includes Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Bebop and Rocksteady.

(Ages 4+, $19.99 each, August 2013)

Throw N' Battle Deluxe Figures:

Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo are always ready for a battle against Shredder and the evil Foot Clan, and now the Turtles can be thrown into the battle, literally! Decked out in their night ninja outfits, the Throw N' Battle Turtles start out in stealth mode with their legs and arms folded behind their head. Give them a toss into the battle and they spring to their feet, unleash their weapons and are ready to take out Shredder and the Foot!

(Ages 4+, $12.99 each, August 2013)

Mutagen Ooze Canisters:

Handle with Care! Ooze is the mysterious substance that transformed Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael and Donatello from pet turtles into the heroes in a half shell that they are today - but also created their many mutant friends and foes. Each 2.4 oz canister of Mutagen Ooze comes with a bonus mini Turtle inside. Kids can collect all four and can use this creepy compound across the entire Mutagen Ooze figure and vehicle segment.

(Ages 4+, $5.99 each, January 2013)

Patrol Buggy Assortment:

As seen in the hit TV show, the Patrol Buggies are individually customized and ready for action! Two assortments are available; Leo's and Donnie's Patrol Buggy and Mikey's and Raph's Patrol Buggy. With Leo's and Donnie's Patrol Buggy, kids can run the Foot off the road with Leo's rocket "grenade" or scare them to the sidewalk with Donnie's Kraang-crushing big wheels. Connect the two vehicles to form one Mega Ninja Buggy, then launch Leo forward for a Ninja Battle Boost. With Raph's and Mikey's Patrol Buggies, kids can blast the Foot Clan from the fast lane! Kids can run Dogpound out of town with Raph's reloadable road rash missile or crush Fishface's robo-feet with Mikey's mighty monster wheels. Connect the two vehicles to form one Mega Ninja Buggy, then rocket Raph forward for an explosive Ninja Battle Boost! All four vehicles can also snap together to become the ULTIMATE MEGA PATROL BUGGY! The Patrol Buggies are compatible with most of the Turtles basic action figures (sold separately).

(Ages 4+, $19.99, August 2013)

Ninja AT3:

From the streets to the sewers of NYC, the Ninja AT3 vehicle is equipped to handle any terrain as Turtles seek out and battle against the evil Foot! The AT3 is the latest of Donatello's vehicle creations and comes equipped with a powerful spring loaded missile projectile to stop Shredder and the Foot in their tracks. The AT3 is compatible with most of the Turtles basic action figures and comes with an exclusive Leonardo action figure decked out in his moto-cross riding outfit, helmet and gloves.

(Ages 4+, $19.99, August 2013)

Hover Drone:

It's triple turbo terror as the Kraang launch an aerial alien assault! Will the Turtles strike back and repel the robo raiders? With triple-turning turbines and two spring loaded missiles, the Kraang are on the attack. The Hover Drone is compatible with most Turtles basic action figures (sold separately).

(Ages 4+, $9.99, August 2013)

Ninja Control Shellraiser:

Drive the Turtles into their next battle with this new, full function, remote control vehicle. From rail-riding to street-surfing, Donatello's customized combat creation packs a powerful punch. With the green team all aboard, the Turtles will cream the Kraang with a frenzy of fast-firing sewer covers. This vehicle comes with full-steering remote-control action, as well as the ability to control the rapid-fire sewer-cover cannon. The Ninja Control Shellraiser is compatible with most Turtles basic action figures (sold separately).

(Ages 4+, $49.99, August 2013)

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