Playmates had two showrooms at Toy Fair 2014: One for its toy line based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CG animated series on Nickelodeon/the '90s TMNT movies, and one for toys based on the upcoming live action TMNT movie. One of these rooms didn't allow photography (and may or may have not involved taking a mutated blood oath to enter). So you can probably guess which room we focused our attention on! While there we got to see reimagined TMNT favorites like Slash, all new characters, 6" tall Retro Collector's Series versions of the '90s movie ninja brothers, roleplay toys, LARPing TMNT toys, cute new figures designed with young fans in mind, and more. Take it all in, after the jump.

 Basic Action Figures

Larp Basic Action Figures

Throw'N Battle Deluxe Figures

Ninja Deluxe Action Figures

Classic Movie Figures


Interactive Talking Turtles

Dojo Figures 

Ninja Practice Pals Plush and Sling Shout Plush

Turtle Blimp

Ninja Control Flying Figure


Half Shell Heroes Segment