Following the successes of its G.I. Joe and Transformers 3" blindbox minifigure series, The Loyal Subjects hit Toy Fair 2014 with morphenomenal 3D-printed Mighty Moprhin Power Rangers figures and corresponding removable helmet prototypes.

Though they won't be available until August/September, like TLS's other minis, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toys will sport several points of articulation (including ball-joints) and retail for around $13 a pop. So far the lineup looks to include the Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, Green and White Rangers, along with villains Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and Goldar.

If this line does well, I can see a lot of collectors crossing their fingers for line of zords to go with these... potentially capable of combining into the Megazord?

You can see all of The Loyal Subjects' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3" Mini prototypes from Toy Fair 2014 below.