Welcome back to the ComicsAlliance Podcast, covering the latest comic book entertainment culture, news, humor and commentary. This week, Senior Editors Andy Khouri and Caleb Goellner and Senior Writer Chris Sims share their impressions of this year's Emerald City Comicon and discuss in-depth what distinguishes the fabulous Seattle, Washington show from other conventions of note.

Show notes:

  • Caleb and Chris both tabled at this year's ECCC and discuss working a con from that perspective, including sharing space with other creators in different stages of their careers


  • Andy argues that ECCC is the best convention for fans of comic book artists, illustrators and animators


  • The guys believe ECCC's audience is unique in its desire to try out new comics and creators they discover for the first time at the show


  • ECCC's Monsters & Dames art book and auction raised over $10,000 for Seattle Children's Hospital


  • Delve into the mysteries of Dark Con


  • ComicsAlliance was well represented at ECCC, with contributors appearing on panel discussions, in Artist Alley and co-hosting the convention kickoff part with Oni Press


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