You can tell Michael Bay has had enough of entertainment websites ragging on his movies because a new trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction has just arrived online while the civilized world is meant to be asleep, dreaming of a better world where voice actor Peter Cullen isn't made to read lines that make him sound like some genocidal grandpa. Take that, haters!

The latest trailer includes Optimus Prime moping about this and that, some invading robot guys shooting lasers from their heads (which transform into guns) and that annoying bald guy from the last movie figuring out that, hey, giant transforming alien robots are made out of some metal we don't understand! Weird! All we can really say is that we're looking forward to cool new Dinobots toys or wherever, but we hope that humanity finally is wiped out completely, the Earth explodes into tiny pieces, and Trans5mers will take place in space and feature a battle with Unicron and/or Sharkticons.

Transformers: Age of Extinction opens on June 27. Despite our Bay-forged apathy, we will probably be there, attempting to make ourselves "molecularly unstable" enough to appreciate watching cigar-chomping robots-in-disguise with wiggly metal beards wince in slow-mo.

In the meantime, read some Transformers comics from IDW. Those are good.


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