Walt Disney Pictures released Tuesday the first official image of Daft Punk as they will appear in "Tron: Legacy," the highly anticipated (by ravers and nerds) sequel to the 1982 cult science fiction film about Jeff Bridges doing really cool stuff inside a computer game. The enduringly cool French house musicians produced the film's dark and distorted score (imagine Daft Punk remixing "The Dark Knight" score). You can hear a 90-second preview after the jump, and check out 5 pages from Marvel's upcoming "Tron: Original Movie Adaptation" #1.

The original "Tron" was an obvious influence on Daft Punk's elegant robotic aesthetic, which really Tron'd the f*ck out in the encore presentation of their 2007 tour, where the robots emerged from the darkness in glow-in-the-dark outfits that called back to the Disney classic.

Given this, well, legacy, it's only natural that Daft Punk would cameo in the new film, which opens in December. Perhaps you can see them in footage to be presented at this month's "Tron Night" event, an exclusive 20-minute preview of "Tron: Legacy" in IMAX 3D. Daft Punk's score for "Tron: Legacy" releases December 7. A limited edition is available for pre-order on the album's official site, and includes an exclusive glow-in-the-dark poster of Daft Punk in their Tron-ified look.

If a new film and Daft Punk produced-soundtrack isn't enough "Tron" for you, Disney's got you covered for comic books. November 3 sees the release of 'Tron: Original Movie Adaptation" #1, a comic book retelling of the first film by Peter David and Mirco Pierfederici with covers by Greg Land and Salvador Larocca. Disney Publishing itself will release "Tron: Betrayal," an original graphic novel movie tie-in by Jai Nitz and Andie Tong with a cover by Jock, on sale November 16.

Check out a preview for "Tron: Original Movie Adaptation" #1 below:

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