William Shatner gives voice to The Core in the new animated movie, Quantum Quest.A Thursday panel at Comic-Con International announced a new animated project about space that packs a stellar voice cast.

TV stars like William Shatner, Brent Spiner and Mark Hamill will join movie big shots like Chris Pine, Samuel L. Jackson and James Earl Jones in Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey.

Producer -- Dr. Larry "Doc" Kloor (scientist science fiction writer and the only human in history to earn two doctorates simultaneously) -- led the panel with special guests Bob Picardo, Doug Jones and a call-in by Pine.

According to Kloor, Pine plays Dave -- "a photon who lives in Sun City, at the core of the Sun. He's forced from the Sun and drawn into an epic battle between The Core (Shatner -- right) and The Void -- the embodiment of nothingness (Hamill)."

The animated production will include actual NASA imagery collected by probes that traveled throughout the solar system.

"We had access to images from Cassini-Huygens, SOHO, Stereo mission to the Sun, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express, Venus Express and Mercury Messenger," Kloor said. "The Jet Propulsion Laboratory cooperated with us to make sure the scientific accuracy of the physics concepts, the look of Cassini and Huygens and the representation of the NASA images."

"The purpose of Quantum Quest is to advance science and space literacy in away that would appeal to kids and adults who have little interest in such subjects. We wanted to create a character franchise that embodied science in a fun and exciting way."

Quantum Quest is set to hit theaters in February.

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