We're all about Game of Thrones fan art this weekend. And why shouldn't we be, now that Season 2 is in full gear on Sunday nights? Today, we're checking out Los Angeles-based artist known online as Twiggy McBones, who imagines a kind of Disney movie look for Daenrys, Khal Drogo and Jon Snow. Exactly what the musical numbers would sound like for a such an animated feature is anyone's guess, but her art definitely works!McBones posts on deviantART, where you'll see some lively Harry Potter and Avatar: The Last Airbender pieces as well. Someone should totally grab her to do some Girl with the Dragon Tattoo animated shorts, too, because she draws Lisbeth Salander in a way that could change how you see the character.

In fact, you'll believe she could be working on a Harry Potter animated holiday special after your eyes slam into the snowy butterbeer gathering down below. Check it out along with more of McBones' creations below: