The "Twilight" book series, which spawned a movie franchise, a tourist hot spot, and several million screaming fangirls will soon be adapted into manga, which makes a lot of sense. Shoujo is full of star-crossed lovers, wish-fulfillment fantasies, and pseudo-goth aesthetics, so I'm thinking manga will be right up the alley of many "Twilight" fans.

On a related note, I'm kind of tired of hearing all the preemptive whinging about the Twilight fans coming to Comic-Con, mostly because I can't figure it out. I know Hollywood plays a larger role in San Diego than some comics fans would like, but I'm not sure what makes it so much more terrible than all the other ridiculous franchises coming to hock their wares, save for the largely female fan base and their high-pitched screaming.

I'm certainly not defending "Twilight" -- it's a badly-written, self-indulgent adolescent fantasy with some pretty strange representations of sex and power, but guess what, guys? I have been to the 25 cent comics bin, and I do not think we should be first in line throwing stones.

Anyone want to fill in this speech bubble from the manga, which shows Edward and Bella in biology class?

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