In an announcement that reads something like the coolest buddy cop movie trailer ever, Image Comics has revealed that founders Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld along with artist Greg Capullo have joined forces for an upcoming finale of the "Spawn: Endgame" storyline.

The story effectively ushers in a brand new Spawn (the original Spawn Al Simmons is now an evil, evil dude in the "Image United" crossover series), which gave McFarlane an itch to collaborate with his fellow founder in "Spawn" #196.

"I was looking for good artistic help, and remembered inking over Rob on his New Mutant covers back in the Marvel days, and most recently a little bit of 'Image United,'" McFarlane said in an official press release, "I thought it would be a fun experiment to see what Capullo layouts, Liefeld pencils and my inks looked like together on a handful of pages."

This won't be the last Liefeld contribution to "Spawn" either. Back in August, the creator announced that he'd be penciling a portion of the series' 200th issue. That section is slated to include a flashback, however, meaning #196's present-day pencils are his first to hit continuity.

The issue arrives in shops November 25, meaning nostalgic fans could very well have an issue to be thankful for the following day. Of course, if McFarlane and Liefeld's recent flurry of collaborations are any indication, 2010 may be the year of "McFarliefeld."

Ha! And you thought mashup names were dead in '08!