So here's the bad news: On April 16, artist Ty Templeton suffered a massive heart attack followed by a stay in the hospital in critical condition that, as Templeton himself puts it, saw him die three times, and even necessitated his being put into a medically-induced coma.

The good news is that Templeton not only made it through the horrifying ordeal, but he's back at home recovering and is already back to work on comics, as evidenced by a new installment of his Bun Toons strip that's nominally based around a brief explanation of Daredevil, but is really more of an update on Templeton's own condition. As you might expect if you're familiar with Templeton's work, like that great strip about what Batman would be like if he'd been created by Bob Kane without Bill Finger, it's pretty hilarious, too.

In addition to the strip, Templeton wrote a bit about the heart attack and his recovery:


My wife updated the internet about what was going on, so folks knew what was happening, but she kept how bad it was a secret so my kids didn’t know how the real details of it all until I was out of danger.   It seems the staff didn’t expect me to survive more than a day or two, and I ended up earning the nickname “Miracle Man” from some of the doctors there when I woke up from the medially induced coma a little earlier than they saw coming.  That’s kind of cool.  My first professional inking job was in the back of a Miracleman comic from Eclipse, back in the day, so it seems only fitting.

Recovery is slower than I expected.  I have to nap every time I climb a set of stairs, and drawing still isn’t back up to speed (hence the stolen panels in the above Bun Toon), but never fear, I’m getting better slowly, and expect to be putting pencil to paper in a week or so, just as soon as I can go more than an hour awake.  There’s probably another Bun Toon or two in the whole experience (you people need to know what it’s like to be awake for an aortic stent operation, science is COOL!)


We here at ComicsAlliance would like to wish Templeton a speedy recovery and say how glad we are that he's doing well after his heart attack and surgery.

On a personal note, Templeton's responsible for the art in my all-time favorite Joker story, "Joker's Late-Night Lunacy" from Batman Adventures #3, and it means a lot to hear that he's looking forward to getting back to the drawing board soon. For the full comic and the post (and to wish him well), head over to his website.

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