This week at Comixology, they're celebrating the 75th anniversary of Plastic Man's debut in Police Comics by offering up a sale on comics from throughout his history. It's an interesting bunch of comics, and unlike a lot of characters who get the spotlight in a sale like this, Plastic Man has had few enough appearances that, while it's certainly not complete, it's definitely pretty comprehensive, covering everything from his Golden Age appearances all the way up to last year's Convergence.

But with so much to choose from, you may find yourself in need of a guide, so as always, I'm here to tell you exactly what to buy --- and you can start by picking up every issue of Kyle Baker's Plastic Man ongoing series from 2003.


Plastic Man by Kyle Baker


Baker's run on Plastic Man was one of the most unexpected Eisner winners of all time, racking up an impressive five Eisners (and a handful of Harveys) over the course of three years. And it's weird not because it's not worthy of an award, but because one of its winning categories was "Best Publication For Younger Readers," and this book isn't at all what you think of when you think of an all-ages comic. Despite Baker's cartoony style, sight-gag covers, and emphasis on humor, there are a lot of great gags in here that would probably go over younger readers' heads, like the absolutely brutal satire/takedown of Identity Crisis that makes up the book's last three issues.

Seriously: Definitely get those.

As for the other offerings in the sale, there's a selection of Golden Age books in there, too, and while they are great and well worth reading, even if Golden Age comics aren't your usual cup of tea...


Plastic Man by Jack Cole


... they're also comics that have fallen into the public domain, meaning that you can download them (legally!) for free at the Digital Comic Museum. There is no price cheaper than no price at all. But I will say that, while the DCM is an incredible resource, the versions you get on Comixology are definitely going to be much better quality, with nice, bright colors. If that's worth a dollar per issue to you (and it might well be), then absolutely pick them up in the sale.

If you only one want comic, though, consider grabbing Plastic Man Special by Ty Templeton, with art by Rick Burchett, Aaron Lopresti, Claude St. Aubin and Dev Madan, one of the most underrated titles of the character's history. It's been a back issue bin gem for years, and 99 cents for 40 pages of fun honestly cannot be beat.



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