Dark Horse decided to rock a few B.P.R.D. fans' worlds last week when they announced that Tyler Crook would be replacing Guy Davis as the go-to artist on its Hellboy spinoffs. Though you certainly won't find yourself mistaking him for Davis, a few sniffs around Crook's blog and website may reveal some strong hints of inspiration from his predecessor, as well as similarities to Jeff Lemire and Fabio Moon.
Crook's stockpiles of sketch work show off ample helpings of Mignola-style imagery, as well as a few heroes like Captain America and Wolverine. If you would rather look at something more Cthuloid, he has worked with tentacles, too, and a good grasp of tentacle forms is something any aspiring B.P.R.D. artist should possess.

Mignola and Davis both have a knack for blending gentle designs with horrifying concepts, and Crook comes with those same sensibilities. Here's hoping his upcoming pages look as nice as the art down below.