The Ultimate Universe's Steve Rogers may be a little more... crass... than his 616 counterpart, but as Captain Americas go, he's still got a shining track record compared to most super soldiers. Unfortunate fates seem to claim all who wield the shield without the name "Rogers." Death, dismemberment, chronic illness, madness - there's really no shortage of badness associated with super soldiering. Jason Aaron and Ron Garney's Ultimate Comics Captain America #1 is poised to demonstrate that the worst fate that can befall any Cap, however, a loss of patriotism.

Available in stores and on Marvel's digital app January 5, the story will follow Rogers as he works to shut down super solider programs worldwide. Along the way, the secret history of the Vietnam War's Captain America comes up on his radar and he decides to investigate.

"[The Vietnam War Cap] was a kid very much like Steve Rogers, a patriotic soldier who would sacrifice anything in service to his country. But the war he fought was very different than the one that gave birth to the original Cap. And at some point, he decided he'd been betrayed by his own government and then just disappeared into the jungle. Nobody's seen him since. Not until now," Aaron told back in October.

From Marvel's official solicitation info:

The Super Soldier project was a secret and mysterious undertaking that took a frail young man named Steve Rogers and forged him into the Captain America of World War II...but Rogers wasn't the only one to emerge from the program. Enter the Captain America of the Vietnam War! Prepare for a battle between two Captain Americas...and only one living legend is walking away!
You can check out Marvel's three-page preview for Ultimate Comics Captain America #1 below: