When Universal bought DreamWorks Animation back in August, the studio came with a bunch of prospective projects to sort through. One of these, which has been in development for a while, is a live-action Voltron movie started by Jeffrey Katzenberg when he was heading DreamWorks. As it turns out, Universal is into the idea, and now the movie officially has a script penned by David Hayter of X-Men fame.

Deadline reports that Universal is moving forward with the Voltron movie, but keeping things cautious for now as we’re going to have two giant robot movies coming out in the next year: Transformers: The Last Knight and the live-action Power Rangers movie. Universal is probably waiting to see how these two do before starting any super serious plans in motion for Voltron. The good news for the fans is DreamWorks already have a Netflix cartoon, Voltron Legendary Defender, whose first season was very well-received and whose second is premiering at the beginning of next year. So they know the fans are out there if there was going to be a Voltron movie.

Voltron, in essence, is about a team of astronauts who stumble upon five giant lion-shaped mechas, who have the ability to come together to form the legendary Voltron. If you’re thinking that’s a lot like the Megazord from Power Rangers, you’d be correct. The Power Rangers movie will have Zords, and there’s a chance they’ll form Megazord at some point, so Universal needs to watch closely to see if a) that kind of thing is something audiences respond positively to, and b) their giant robot movie won’t be overshadowed by the one that came before.


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