For the uninitiated, Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum's "Unshelved" is a daily Webcomic that follows the trials and tribulations of an underpaid and overworked public library staff. It's a quality read for anyone with a sense of humor, but the issues it addresses are aimed primarily at library staff and library users (both categories being very close to my heart having spent many, many years working in a library).

On weekends, the site posts a recommendation for the "Unshelved Book Club," which typically features a timely novel, but has been known to point out cool graphic fiction as well. This week, the site spotlighted Darwyn Cooke's "Parker: The Hunter," a graphic novel based on the famous crime novel series.

What's especially cool about this week's pick is that the entry includes a selection of Cooke's actual artwork rather than an interpretation by the "Unshelved" creators.

If you haven't already picked up Cooke's latest, read the "Unshelved" strip. It could very well be your Labor Day cup of tea.

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