There's a new robo-woman in town. Her name? Red Torpedo.

DC Comics' The Source blog premiered Ed Bene's cover art for the upcoming "Red Tornado" miniseries by writer Kevin VanHook and artist Jose Luis today, giving readers a first look at the mysterious new character with the highly-suggestive name.

Red Torpedo's costume echoes the Red Tornado's original appearance, complete with purple cape and shiny chrome belt, and the cover seems to suggest a Red Tornado defeat, although given the title character's name is on the miniseries, it's safe to assume he'll remain the star of the book.

Given her matronly presence in the pages of "Justice Society of America," it's unlikely the Red Torpedo character is a de-aged Ma Hunkel, who battled crime in her youth as the Silver Age Red Tornado. Still, stranger things have happened.

Whatever the case, when "Red Tornado #1" hits stores in September fans can finally find out what happens when a torpedo and a tornado come together. From the looks of things, it doesn't end (or start) well.