The second annual Valiant Summit just wrapped at the UCB Theatre in New York City, the Belle of the East Coast. Broadcast on livestream, the summit saw several writers and artists take to the stage to talk about a string of new books from the publisher that will fall under the banner “The Future of Valiant”, including Rafer Roberts, Jody Houser, and Matt Kindt.

The event was Valiant's answer to Image Expo, with five new titles announced, including the long-rumbled Britannia, plus the previously announced Faith ongoing. Here's the full rundown.




Faith #1 will continue on from the character's miniseries, helmed by Jody Houser, Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage. Portela is off to pastures new --- keep reading to see where he’s heading --- but his place as featured artist is filled by Pere Perez. The new ongoing will introduce a nemesis for Faith, and series start in July.




Portela’s new book is Generation Zero, written by Fred Van Lente. This series focuses on the fallout from one of the secret cult programs that run through Valiant comics like Harbinger and Archer and Armstrong, called Project Rising Spirit. Their whole deal was stealing psychic children and raising them to be soldiers and assassins, but they got shut down a few years back. This book will see what happened to some of the children once they returned to society, starting with Keisha, who takes to her vlog after her boyfriend is mysteriously killed and issues a plea for help and solidarity.




Britannia, which Valiant has been talking about secretively for months now, will debut in September. The four-issue series by Peter Milligan and Juan Jose Ryp is set during the time of the Roman Empire, and the titular Britannia is actually the setting, where the world’s first detective, a Roman called Antonius Axia operates. The series sees him at a remote outpost, trying to hold the wall as a mysterious and possibly supernatural threat approaches from the other side.




Project Rising Spirit also show up in Bloodshot U.S.A., an event storyline from current Bloodshot Reborn writer Jeff Lemire and artist Doug Braithwaite, starting in October. The story sees a pathogen that the cult has been working on get released onto the streets of Manhattan. The infected are coded to become "bloodshot", meaning our one true Bloodshot is the only person who can get boots on the ground and sort things out.




Come November, Faith will be appearing in two (perhaps three) books a month, as the Harbinger team reunite for Harbinger Renegades from the team of Rafer Roberts and Darick Robertson. An ongoing series, this is described as a Valiant version of Trainspotting, as the survivors of the first series reform the team and start going on a recruitment drive round the country. It’s a revolution sweeping the nation, and it’s going to cause a whole lot of problems.




November also sees a new concept launching from B. Clay Moore, Clayton Henry and Lewis Larosa. The limited series Savage seems to swing slightly from the heels of Turok, the Valiant series that Valiant no longer hold the rights to, but also comes from a very different place. It’s got the dinosaur fighting that we’re all onboard for, but sees a family go missing in a plane crash, only to apparently be transported back in time to a more savage prehistoric era where death walks on two legs and has really sharp claws.




Finally, we have the third volume of Divinity, once again from the team of Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine. As the second volume has only just started, details are sparse, but the subtitle for this third volume is Stalinverse, so that should give you some idea of what we’re dealing with here.

Starting with Faith in July, a new Valiant series will launch every month through Divinity III in December.


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