X-O Manowar, the story of a barbarian king who gets a suit of alien power armor and just goes on a rampage with a lightning sword, is one of the single best premises in the history of comic books.

And apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so. Since Robert Venditti and Cary Nord relaunched the series in 2012, chronicling Aric of Dacia's battles against the Vine, Ninjak, and other worldwide threats, the series has racked up sales totaling one million copies.

It's a pretty monumental milestone, and to celebrate, Valiant, CGC, and Steve Geppi's Entertainment Museum are heading straight to the presses to grab the 1,000,000th copy --- a copy of X-O Manowar #49, to be specific --- as soon as it's printed, dropping it in a slab, and enshrining it in the Entertainment Museum in Baltimore at the close of next month's Baltimore Comic-Con.



Here's the official word from Valiant's press release:

Today, representatives of Valiant Entertainment, the Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), and Geppi's Entertainment Museum are joining together at the Cadmus publishing plant in Richmond, VA to celebrate the 1,000,000th copy of X-O MANOWAR sold since the series' 2012 debut. The 1,000,000th copy will be removed directly from the presses today at Cadmus by Valiant representatives during the printing of the upcoming X-O MANOWAR #49 and subsequently entrusted to CGC's renowned team of preservation experts for grading and encapsulation. The one-of-a-kind, 1,000,000th copy – totaling all copies of X-O MANOWAR sold across print and digital in the United States and abroad since 2012 – will then be placed on display at Baltimore Comic Con 2016 before entering the permanent collection of the Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, MD alongside the world's rarest and most valuable comic books.



Valiant will also be offering fans at Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 the chance to join in the celebration of X-O MANOWAR’s 1,000,000th copy sold with the X-O MANOWAR 1,000,000th COPY COMMEMORATIVE SEAL. Fans who purchase or provide copies of X-O MANOWAR #49 (any cover) at the Valiant booth (#2008) will be afforded the opportunity to have their copy embossed with an official Valiant 1,000,000th copy seal – designed in honor of X-O Manowar’s legendary achievement and forever commemorating a new milestone in Valiant history – free of charge!


X-O Manowar #49 marks the penultimate issue of Robert Venditti's fifty-issue run on the book, which comes to its conclusion with the final part of "Long Live The King" next month.