Vampires, werewolves, needy teen girls who seem to rely on dudes to nausea-inducing extremes -- none of the above were able to best the Caped Crusader and everyone's friendly neighborhood Web-Slinger... at least when it comes to a film's opening weekend profitability.

I don't usually brag on behalf of movies, but as a cat who doesn't quite guzzle the "Twilight" Kool-Aid, it's nice to see that even though "New Moon," broke records for opening days and midnight showings, this weekend, at $140.7 million, it's still lags in third place behind "The Dark Knight" ($158.4 million) and "Spider-Man 3" ($151.1 million) for an opening weekend.

See? Superheroes still trump creepy immortal dudes who dig on teenagers. More or less.

I'm no supreme hater-of-haters, though, so I hope those of you who did see the film had a good time. I confess, I'll probably catch the thing sometime this week in my effort to stay culturally relevant. I watched "Twilight" once it hit DVD and survived. How bad could the sequel be?

...warnings are appreciated in the comments.