I am deeply in love with "Trigun." Seriously, how could anyone resist a world where bounty hunters run around looking to earn "double dollars," lone wolf preachers carry heavily armed crosses on their backsides, and planets with names like Gunsmoke actually exist? That's not even mentioning Vash the Stampede - the $$60 Billion Man is awesome enough as is in animated form, but toy manufacturing company Kaiyodo is upgrading the character's badass factor by bringing us the Revoltech Trigun's Vash The Stampede action figure.

Arriving in the second quarter of 2010, this new Vash figure comes with a plethora of accessories including multiple head sculpts, various hands with various weapons, gunshot bursts and more. The only rub? No Angel Arm! I guess that would be a bit tricky to pull off - not to mention dangerous towards your place of residence - but still would be cool to see.

Check out some photos of the Humanoid Typhoon's latest action figure accessories after the jump.

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