Though it's not in scale with Kaiyodo's The Dark Knight action figure from 2010, the Revoltech version of The Dark Knight Rises vehicles looks like it still packs plenty of Christian Bale-iciousness into its compact size. With eight points of articulation, a detachable cockpit canopy and a mini (nonposable) Batman nestled inside, it may actually move around more than Batman's crazy multi-copter did in the movie.

Measuring about 5.75" long, this Revoltech version of The Bat is larger than the previously-released The Dark Knight Tumbler and The Dark Knight Rises Bane Tumbler a.k.a. The Bane Mobile. It doesn't appear that the mini Batman figures included with The Bat and The Tumbler are interchangeable (they have slightly different poses), but it's worth a shot if you wind up owning both in your personal Batcave.

The Revoltech The Bat is currently available for preorder for around $50 from sites like Entertainment Earth and others. If it's not quite big enough for you, though, there's always the LEGO version and this guy's wild RC version.



[Via Kaiyodo]