If you haven't read Vera Brosgol's graphic novel, Anya's Ghost, I recommend heading down to your local library and picking it up. Brosgol uses a not-so-friendly ghost to explore a first-generation Russian-American teenage girl's desire to fit in and hide her immigrant roots. Brosgol also works as a storyboard artist at Laika Entertainment, where she has helped bring bring Coraline and ParaNorman to life. When she's not rolling out awesome comics or working on sweet and creepy movies, Brosgol draws Sandman, Adventure Time, Hunger Games and A Song of Ice and Fire fanart, and sketching up all manner of cute commissions and vibrant characters.

Brosgol is a multi-talented creator. On top of her storyboarding, comics and illustrations, Brosgol knits everything from sweaters to stuffed toys, and even spins her own yarn. Appropriately, she's also responsible for the darling illustration on knitting site Ravelry's login page. She also has prints of many of her lovely lady illustrations for sale at her store, and you can see even more of her artwork at her website.