Villa Comics is a charming bed-and-breakfast hotel in the Gulf of Policastro in Italy. Besides the beautiful beaches and brilliant views of the Basilicata and Calabria mountains, guests are treated to some culture in the form of excellent comic book illustrations that hang in all of the Villa's understated suites. Classic American characters like Uncle $crooge, Spider-Man, The Spirit and Little Nemo are represented alongside European masterpieces like Corto Maltese, Dylan Dog, Tin Tin and the works of Jean "Moebius" Giraud.

At approximately $45.00 a night for a single room (but up to $120.00 during peak periods), a jet-setting fanboy or fangirl could do a lot worse than Villa Comics. The hotel is owned by cartoonist Gianfranco Martuscelli, who described the concept on the Villa Comics website.

The theme is "comics" and each room is named after a comic character. There are room in honour of: Little Nemo, Tin Tin, Spiderman, Uncle $crooge, Corto Maltese, Spirit and Dylan Dog. Each room is decorated with a colourful canvas. Whether you're a comic fan, or not, you'll be enthralled by the attention to detail and the way in which "comics" seeks to transport its guest into the world of fantasy to which each room has been dedicated.

The cartoon characters are represented on refined canvases painted with painstaking skill and different painting techniques.

Are caught in attitudes that show the personality and deliberately dropped in mysterious atmospheres, often traced back better the aquatic environment.

Our heroes feature rooms and common areas, making the stay a unique and unforgettable, never ending adventure on which always to write "read the next episode.

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