Let it never be said Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy's Vertigo series The Wake didn't keep readers on their toes. From issue one, the creators have seemingly been committed to pivots, swerves, and complete turnarounds. It's even changed genre a few times.

On sale now, the The Wake's penultimate issue finds Leeward, the heroine of the series' second half, about to reach a big breakthrough after traveling the globe seeking a connection to Lee Archer, the heroine of the first five issues. Just FYI, they two characters are separated by about 200 years and one giant, apocalyptic, flood, so it's quite an adventure.

In a continuation of the series' apparent grand homage to film and literature genres, issue #9 appears to be heavily influenced by world-spanning adventure (there's a bit of Jules Verne mixed in with its H.G. Wells) and some very hard sci-fi.