Right now is definitely Luke Cage's moment, and while the character hasn't had a solo ongoing series since 1992's Cage, he's stepping back into the spotlight later this year for a new adventure. In May, David Walker will make the jump from Power Man and Iron Fist to a new Luke Cage solo series with art by Nelson Blake II, which takes Cage to New Orleans and re-examines his relationship with the man who gave him his powers.

Announced today in an interview at CBRLuke Cage sees the titular Hero For Hire heading to New Orleans to attend the funeral of Dr. Noah Burstein, the man who gave him his powers. According to Walker, the title will bring elements of their relationship to light that Luke was not aware of, and the noir-infused story will challenge everything Luke thought he knew about his father-figure. The writer also hinted at upcoming villains for the series, including a new creation and a returning character whose allegiance is always in question.

Marvel Comics is certainly going all in on its four Netflix Defenders properties, and with the announcement that Luke Cage will be taking the place of Power Man and Iron Fist, both Luke Cage and Danny Rand will appear regularly in three comics apiece in 2017, including the new Defenders comic series. Jessica Jones and Daredevil both have two ongoings, and if you count titles like Kingpin and Elektra, a good chunk of Marvel's publishing slate is dedicated to its Netflix roster of characters.

Check out the full interview at CBR for more information and a look at Nelson Blake II's Luke Cage.


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