By now, many of you have at least heard about the Walking Dead Escape, a traveling obstacle course of sorts themed around The Walking Dead. It's been regularly occurring in San Diego since 2012, with a few other adventures in Philadelphia, New York and Atlanta sprinkled in over the past few years. The Escape has been one of the big draws every year at San Diego Comic-Con for people looking to live out their wildest zombie apocalypse dreams. With it, fans can either participate as survivors hoping to make it out alive or be transformed into the undead by make-up veterans from the show, who then chase around the survivors.

Now, the Escape is part of Walker Stalker Con, itself a crowdfunded convention that allows fans to meet and greet some of the stars from The Walking Dead (and other horror properties) all over the globe. This year alone, there will be Walker Stalker Cons in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, London and the Bahamas, to name a few. No longer content with just one zombie apocalypse interactive scenario for fans, Walker Stalker Con is kickstarting an all-new interactive experience to premiere at the "home" show in Atlanta this October.

As you can see in the video above, this Walking Dead Experience is going to be a bit more intimate than the Escape. Part of the excitement of the obstacle course attraction is being part of a large group of survivors all running over one another in controlled chaos. It's a bit like being at the beginning of the outbreak, when the only thing that matters is your survival. If you're not first, you're eaten. For the Escape however, there's little consequence. It's more about having a good old time, and enjoying the moment; you can't truly lose. From the description of the new event, it definitely sounds like losing is on the table if you're not quick enough, smart enough and cooperative enough.

While details are sparse as to what to expect when playing, the Kickstarter page offers that you'll have to use skill and teamwork to make it out of the scenario before being eaten. There are some similarly styled "escape" experiences already in practice (Mission Escape Games in NYC, Phoenix Escape Room in Phoenix, and so on), but having one fully sanctioned by Robert Kirkman and Skybound for The Walking Dead should help put this one over the top. The rough layout concept shown in the video features a few trailers and a tented area all connected for one large event, making it more than just a single room to escape.

The Walking Dead Experience, Chapter 1 has already been funded, and will debut over Halloween weekend at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. Stretch goals have yet to be revealed, but the organizers have noted they're currently expanding the Kickstarter since it was funded so quickly. The better news is that the Experience itself will be traveling with Walker Stalker Con to all the locations post Atlanta. While Boston (August) and Philadelphia (September) will miss out, New York (December), London (February), Dallas (March) and Denver (April) can all expect to be able to take part over the next few months.

You can get more details on Walker Stalker Con, including which stars will be in which cities, from the official website. The Kickstarter is currently sitting at just over $88,000, but you can still donate to the cause and earn some choice rewards (like discounted access to the event near you) while you're at it.


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