Look, we’re all a little stressed out by the election, and seeing Trump-monsters everywhere we look. Some fans even thought The Walking Dead might have taken that notion literally this past Sunday, but fear not; no such attempts to make the zombie apocalypse great again occurred, at least intentionally, per AMC.

The bizarre question started emerging over social media, as fans took a wispy patch of blond hair atop a bloated walker smeared on the side of the road as a reference to the Republican candidate, despite the lack of suit, hat, or audibly racist guttural moans. Those madmen at ComicBook.com even reached out to AMC to double-check on the matter, and while the network surprisingly responded, their retort unsurprisingly read “just another walker.”

On the one hand, it speaks to the elaborate engagements we make with our TV these days, to devote entire corkboards to fan theories after only a few episodes, or question a tuft of hair as political statement. Then again, this wouldn’t be the first time The Walking Dead based one of its titular zombies on a famous face, or even invited recognizable stars to cake themselves in walker makeup.

And perhaps it’s worth wondering after all, why doesn’t The Walking Dead ever incorporate standout walkers, beyond some specific gore choices? Did no one in this world expire whilst wearing a clown costume, or perhaps a tuxedo? Who’s to say a zombie Donald Trump, Bill Murray or even Jay Leno didn’t shamble their way across the countryside in seven years’ time?

These are the questions that should keep us up at night, rather than the election itself. Happy 2016, everybody!

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