The Walking Dead Season 5 left us on a relatively safe cliffhanger teasing the reunion of Rick and Morgan, but Season 6 may well bring all the Alexandria walls down. Comic-Con 2015 has brought the cast back to San Diego, and you know know what that means! The Season 6 trailer is here, and fans are already ravenous.



The first, very extended trailer for Season 6 pits Morgan’s faction against Rick, as the former promises to put an end to the life of the latter. Ethan Embry joins the Season 6 cast, which continues to prove that the biggest threat to humanity is humanity itself.

We’ve got a full report and photos of the cast straight from today’s panel:

  • Chris Hardwick announces that Season 6’s premiere will be the largest yet, using 654 walker extras, and coming in at 90 minutes on October 11.

  • You can no doubt see that there’s plenty to sift through in the trailer itself (and expect our full breakdown soon). Not only do Rick and Morgan seem to be firmly at odds over the safety of Alexandria (Deanna seems to be taking a more secondary position to Rick), but we also saw Ethan Embry in a guest role, lots of graves being dug, and walkers invading the streets! Rick at one point threatened someone looking to take the community, implied to be Morgan, but likely there were some editing tricks.

  • If Hall H wasn’t big enough for you, Scott Gimple announced that The Walking Dead Season 6’s premiere will air at Madison Square Garden in New York City!

  • Melissa McBride brought out Carol’s famous cookies, while everyone in attendance had Robert Kirkman shirts and face-signs to lament their creator’s absence from the panel

  • Answering fan questions, Scott Gimple acknowledged that some episodes would play with time and flashbacks, but not so much as the prior season. Later, he suggested that one episode might take place entirely in flashback, but that he “forgot.” Additionally, the Wolves will have an important role, but “hopefully in a way that you don’t expect.”

  • Andrew Lincoln spoke to the weirdness of having to shave and shower on camera, taunting Gimple that he’d prefer to grow the beard again. Steven Yeun told Andy on set that his head looked shrunken, something that stuck with him for the rest of the day.

  • Lincoln also acknowledged the genuine respect between Rick and Deanna, having tried to curb his impulses since arriving in Alexandria. That said, Lincoln thinks Rick would have killed Pete with or without Deanna’s blessing.

  • Lauren Cohan couldn’t be here, instead visiting family, though she texted a message to Greg Nicotero that Steven Yeun read aloud. Mostly just well-wishing, but closed with the awkward note “and can you say something funny?”

  • Danai Gurira acknowledged that Michonne would feel uncomfortable with Carl going outside the walls, though she understands and respects him enough to let it go.

  • How does Norman Reedus get into Daryl’s head? “A lot of Motorhead, a lot of coffee. Play Candy Crush a lot.”

  • We got to check out a rare blooper reel as well, the best moment of which had a zombie bursting into Tyreese’s shack too early, shrugging, and walking out.

  • Gimple confirmed that another Wire cast member was sought for Season 6, but couldn’t make it. In addition to Ethan Embry, we’ll also have Nurse Jackie star Merrit Weaver. He wouldn’t say who, though we’d bet dollars to doughnuts on Dr. Denise Cloyd.

  • Fanservice: Andrew Lincoln’s mom is “desperate for Rick and Michonne to get together.” Join the club!

  • Greg Nicotero confirms that he directed the premiere, also showing some extensively rotted zombies from the new season.


Thus far of The Walking Dead Season 6, we know that Straight Outta Compton star Corey Hawkins has joined the series in the comic role of Alexandria runner Heath, while showrunner Scott Gimple teased that Season 6 would fill in certain comic backstory. Apart from the face-off between Rick and Morgan, Season 6 has also released a few photos previewing return characters like Rick and their adjustment to life in Alexandria.

The Walking Dead has plenty more secrets to spill before its October premiere, but sink your teeth into the full Season 6 trailer above, and get ready for Rick and Alexandria’s others to face off against The Wolves later this year!



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