The following post contains theories and SPOILERS for WandaVision Episodes 1-3.

So: What the heck is going on in WandaVision? Avengers Wanda and Vision (who also used to be dead ... he got better) are trapped in a town engineered to look and feel like old TV sitcoms. But who is doing the engineering? It seems like Wanda has a hand in a lot of what’s going on; we’ve already seen her rewind time on two different occasions when something threatened to shatter the illusion of her perfect TV suburbia. That doesn’t mean, though, that she’s ultimately the one in control. She could be manipulated by someone... or something.

That’s where our latest theory video comes in. Putting together all the clues from episodes 1-3, we think a previous Marvel baddie is behind everything: Hydra. This video shows you why we think they could be the ones controlling Wanda’s mind and powers, and what they stand to gain by coercing her into the creation of her twin sons. Watch it below:

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