I'm not very good at arts and crafts. I can't operate a pair of scissors with steady precision, nor can I color neatly inside the lines. This never really bothered me until I realized how useful these skills would be in constructing my own Bat Signal.

If you're not a craftard like I am, then you're in luck, because the Internet has shined its holy light on instructions for creating your very own miniature Bat Signal, courtesy of Thingiverse.

Admittedly, this requires more than proficiency with standard crafting tools - you'll also need no small degree of competency in electronics in order to make this puppy work. But if you can master the technology behind creating the Bat Signal, just think about how much awesome you'll be able to achieve from that point forward.

You could turn out all of the lights in your home and leave the Bat Signal shining upon the wall of your living room while nobody's home - then, when your roommate arrives and inspects the curious scene, you can pop out of the shadows with your batsuit on and your best Christian Bale voice at the ready. He'll have no idea of the justice he's in store for.

[Via Gizmodo]