If you're one of the unlucky millions who can't be in the giant steaming San Diego convention hangar this weekend, you probably won't get a chance to get up close and personal with the glass cabinet containing a bit of Ben Affleck's costume from next summer's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Sucks to be you! No proximity to Aff-latex for you!

The small DC nation state on the con floor is showcasing a lot of Batmemorabilia to mark the Caped Crusader's 75th anniversary -- including the new movie Batman's actual crusading cape and crime-detecting cowl from Zack Snyder's sure-to-be poignant summer batbuster.

Dan DiDio tweeted a snapshot of the costume, surely to taunt everyone who can't hope to smell the residual Aff-sweat themselves. That wasn't good enough for us, so we sent our own photographer, Pat Loika, to take an exclusive photo just for you.

Initial thoughts: It looks very rigid -- closer in style to the Michael Keaton design than the Christian Bale design. In the Christopher Nolan's Batmovies, Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox made a point of saying, "You want to be able to turn your head," to which Bruce replied, "Sure would make backing out of the driveway easier," and we all laughed and laughed.

Ben Affleck's Batman isn't going to care about getting out of the driveway. Wherever Batfleck points his vehicle, that's his goddamn driveway. Ben Affleck's Batman doesn't need to turn his head. If something has to be seen, the universe will swivel until Batfleck can see it.

(Also, let's just state the obvious here: a rigid neck piece is a positive boon when you're going up against Zack Snyder's Superman.)

The rest of Batfleck's Batsuit was not on display. Gotta hold something back for the 150th anniversary, you know?

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