As proven by Bryan Lee O'Malley's "Scott Pilgrim" series, there are plenty of reasons to want to move to Canada. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment isn't interested in indie rock or romance, though, its new video game studio opening in Montreal will be dedicated to more profitable activities - namely developing games based on DC Comics' stable of superheroes.

According to GameFocus, who spoke with Warner Interactive President Martin Tremblay, the new studio (which will reportedly house more than 300 employees) will focus on DC's stable of characters.

The timing seems pretty apt considering DC's plans to push its properties in movie form under the restructured DC Entertainment banner. There's also the matter of DC recently acquiring "Batman: Arkham Asylum" developers Rocksteady Studios, putting them in a good place to proven game talent.

There are many pieces in play, but all signs seem to point to a potentially healthy video game future for DC's bravest and boldest.[Via Joystiq]