For the past few years, rumors about what DC Comics property WB Montreal was working on developing a game around have swirled. The Suicide Squad was an early candidate, as were Superman and the Justice League, but nothing had ever materialized from any of those potential titles in the years since WB Montreal wrapped production on Batman: Arkham Origins. Now, according to a new report from Kotaku, it's sounding like we haven't heard much about the Suicide Squad game because it's been canceled all together.

The Suicide Squad video game had been rumored to have been in development for the past few years. Despite people like Geoff Johns being fairly open about the prospects of the game, nothing so much as concept art has ever materialized for the public to see. You might recall that last year WB Montreal had some new job openings for two games it was developing in the DC Comics brand. No details ever surfaced regarding what those games might have been, but rumors and speculation hinted at the Suicide Squad and possibly Superman being the main focuses.

Here we are just over a year later, and now it seems what once was two games has been reduced to just one. We'll get to the rumors about what that remaining game might be, but first there's the matter of the abandoned Suicide Squad game. Yes, the Suicide Squad movie did get a mobile tie-in game, which was... not great. WB Montreal's supposed adventure had been teased well before the idea of a Suicide Squad movie was even on anyone's radar, with Easter eggs in the Arkham video games hinting that the inmates under Amanda Waller's wardenship were in line for their own game.

The latest reports indicated that Suicide Squad would have been a cooperative action game, with select characters from the history of the group included as playable options. Unfortunately, whatever pre-production elements WB Montreal had shown off to the higher ups at Warner Bros. Interactive couldn't muster up enough enthusiasm, and the project has supposedly been abandoned outright. That should theoretically open up more of the development team to help work on the other DC game in progress at the studio: a Batman action game starring Damian Wayne.

We've heard a number of rumors over the past few months about this new Batman game from the Arkham: Origins developers. As Kotaku points out, the game would theoretically star Damian Wayne in his role as the Batman in Bethlehem. This alternate future take, which was first detailed in Batman #666, revealed Damian had taken up the mantel of his father, and sold his soul to Satan in order to save Gotham. It's a whole thing, and it's pretty wild. It's also a hell of an ambitious take on a Batman video game, but one that definitely has piqued our interest.

Arkham: Origins was a rather rote prequel, but if WB Montreal can deliver a game that showcases Damian as tries to cancel the apocalypse, we're all in. Even if does come at the expense of Suicide Squad, which would have been a dramatically different game than anything else in the DC gaming library to date.


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