We'll admit it: We spend enough time reading and talking about comic books that we know how sometimes, they find their way into your dreams, where you're back at your old high school where Batman is inexplicably the principal, or you suddenly find yourself on a ski trip with Wonder Woman, who is somehow also your mom, and also on the moon. It's ok -- dream logic is different from regular logic, and nobody's judging.

Except that now we totally are, because we want you to tell us your craziest dream involving comics or comics characters, and three winners will get free iPad versions of the Little Nemo in Slumberland app by Sunday Press, with 38 pages of the ground-breaking dream-logic based newspaper strip by Winsor McCay! Whether you win or not, please note that a free Little Nemo in Christmasland app just went live on the Apple store, and the rest of the Sunday Press line (including Krazy Kat!) is also on its way to the iPad. Enter to win the contest by telling us your dream in the comments!

Complete contest rules are here.

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