The week's over! You did it, and did it in exemplary style. But while you've been off working and living and doing all those things that humans do, what have you missed in the world of comics? With Weekender, ComicsAlliance is here to give you a heads-up on some of the stories that you might have overlooked, and to showcase some great writing on comics for you to enjoy over spiced macaroons this weekend.



Dave Marshall has been named the new editor-in-chief of Dark Horse Comics. The former senior editor replaces Scott Allie, who moves to the position of executive senior editor, where he will help to "curate and develop new content." Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Marshall about his plans for the publisher.





Al Jazeera took a look at the rise of comic books in the Middle East this week. It's no surprise that the Muslim and Arabic communities have latched onto comics --- because who among us wouldn't? But in an article that offers a grab-bag of random assorted facts (some more factual than others), what stands out is that big superheroes comics seem to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with creator-owned books in the region.

And if it's comics about great Muslim heroes you want, WomenWriteAboutComics offered a profile on one of them this week; Qahera, a superpowered foe of oppression. 

Incidentally, WomenWriteAboutComics, is currently well on its way to hitting its target for its IndieGoGo campaign to fund their future operations. But go support them if you can!





At Slate, Gabriel Roth gave an impassioned, well-written argument for some really tremendous all-ages comics.

Nick Hanover of Loser City had a bleak but important note about the 'chorus of silence' within comics when it comes to catching, naming, or simply not hiring bad people.

Gina Gagliano, FirstSecond's publicity manager and greatest superstar, returned to her blog this week to offer advice on promoting and championing your comics to the media, to readers, and to people with shiny money.





Can you feel that, in your pocket? That's all the bundles of money you can and hopefully will offer Ben Gilboa for his excellent comic Blue Moon, a psychological horror story about an imaginary childhood friend, which is pay-what-you-want online right now!

The whopping great all-ages anthology Moose Kid Comics celebrated its second issue a few weeks back --- and now you can celebrate all by yourself (or with the kids) in front of the laptop, with 40 amazing pages of comics cartooning.

Kyler Spears took to Tumblr recently to share the unforgettable short story of a green bum creature (a frog?) and their joyous journey into the world of soup dumplings. Such reward in such a small package!



Lela Gwenn, a writer for the aforementioned WomenWriteAboutComics and the author of upcoming comics projects Born Dark and Raconteuse, has stage four endometriosis, and has been auctioning off her comics and other stuff all this week to help fund her surgery. The auction has ended, but if you want to show your support, Gwenn has set up a GoFundMe page. I heartily commend you to join the masses of cool people who have already pledged to her --- she's a brilliant person, and has a great career in comics ahead of her.

Also raising money via GoFundMe is celebrated inker Bob Wiacek, whose works include Star Wars, Uncanny X-Men and Power Pack. He injured his arm in a recent fall and has been raising funds and has been raising money to help cover his expenses. He's already hit his target, but veteran creators can always use more support.





If you're in Derry in Northern Ireland and want to get a head-start on incredible comics, ComicCity Festival will be bringing the cheer this very weekend. Brilliant guests and --- how good is this --- it's completely free to enter! More money to spend on comics.

Brooklyn Book Festival is coming up! Running from the 14th September onwards, it features good comics people like Alex de Campi, Karl Bollers and Mariko Tamaki classing up the place.

There is a hip-hop zine fair in Bulgaria in the last weekend of the month, proving beyond all doubt that Bulgaria is the most rad country of all.  Need more proof? How about this article about Bulgaria's zine and Manga culture?



Podcasts are quickly proving to be one of the greatest-imaginable additions to the whole world of comics culture, featuring some of the most interesting writers and artists around and, well, taking them to the pub.

Having a pint with Star Trek artist Rachael Stott is exciting enough a prospect, but following it up with a chat with Elsie Harris Picture Palace author Jessica Martin? That sounds like two great reasons to check out Orbital in Conversation, a long-running weekly podcast produced by London comic store Orbital. How are we supposed to keep our earphones on when podcasters keep blasting so much awesome through them?





Cartoonist Dan Berry has seemingly lost his mind, if the succession of Big Butt Bigfoots he's compiling online are anything to judge by. His Twitter feed is full of seductive bigfeet, some of which have been animated by Jordie Bellaire. 

With that wiggling monster firmly lodged forever in your mind --- have a great weekend!

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