Tomorrow sees the release of Welcome to Showside #3, the latest chapter of Bravest Warrior artist Ian McGinty's creator-owned series about easygoing Kit and his friends defending their town from demons and monsters.

This issue tells the story of a school dance, which aspiring sorceress Moon drags Belle and Kit to with the hope of having a relaxing evening. And in the preview pages, that seems to be what they have. This being Welcome to Showside, some manner of demons or monsters will inevitably show up (judging by the cover, probably zombies?), but at least the kids get some dancing in before that happens.

One of the fun things about Welcome to Showside is McGinty's appealingly busy art, which includes pop culture references --- starting with a book that looks an awful lot like the Necronomicon from The Evil Dead. This issue features a pretty terrifying four-armed Kevin Bacon monster saying his famous line from Footloose.

The issue also features a back up story by Kate Leth, who you may know from Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat and this website..


Showside 3_pg 7
Showside 3_pg 8
Showside 3 _pg 9


Here's the official word from Z2 Comics:

What's worse than a school dance? The first annual Human's Only School dance. Forced to go by her parents, can Belle survive dancing, punch, stuck up goobers, party crashing monsters, and WORSE, Chad Chaddington. With a backup feature from the one and only Kate Leth.

In addition to the main story by Ian McGinty, WELCOME TO SHOWSIDE #3 features short story contributions from talented creators including Kate Leth (KATE OR DIE) and Katy Farina (THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL).

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