Welcome to TranquilityWritten by Gail Simone
Art by Neil Googe

Welcome to Tranquility is a title that thus far I have enjoyed immensely. It is about a town, Tranquility, where super heroes and super villains both go to enjoy their retirements. Tranquility is also home to the heroes' families.

The first story arc of this series focuses on the murder of Mr. Articulate, a hero who in his prime was known for solving mysteries and being, well, articulate. This seems like it should be an easy murder to solve, as it happens in the middle of a crowded diner, but that is not the case. No one is sure how he was injured in the scuffle and the town's sheriff, who possesses no super powers, is hell bent on finding out who killed him.

I find this book very appealing because it is set in a small town and really shows how the lives of everyone in a small town are intertwined. What was the sheriff's relationship with Mr. Articulate? How did Mr. Articulate help out one of the waitresses at the diner? Who would hold a grudge against the man that seemed to be loved, or at least tolerated, by everyone in the community?

As we delve deeper into the mystery of Mr. Articulate's death we learn more things about the residents of this town that it would probably be better if we just didn't know. But it is with this knowledge that we begin to understand how these heroes and villains interact and co-exist with one another, and maybe begin to get to the bottom of this death.

"Welcome to Tranquility" completely immerses us in the world of these heroes and villains. One of the coolest ways that this is done is by creating old comic strips with that feature the characters in their hay-day. Armed with the characters ever emerging back stories and the few clues about the death of Mr. Articulate we begin to see a town that might not be as idyllic as the residents would want you to believe. And that is what makes it interesting.

This new series by Gail Simone highlights her writing style, which brings the reader in and creates a world around them. It is not an entirely new world, as there are elements of our own in it, but it a full realized one that we should be happy to visit.