Just in time for San Diego Comic Con, WeLoveFine released new exclusive apparel and merchandise featuring the characters of Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors. Tapping into the popularity of Black Milk's printed leggings, WeLoveFine has introduced printed leggings into their extensive catalog of graphic tees, posters, and messenger bags, featuring Adventure Time's Lady Rainicorn, Gunter, and Lumpy Space Princess, and the entire cast of Bravest Warriors. Additionally, WeLoveFine has also immortalized Bravest Warriors' breakout character, Catbug, in adorable plushie form.

Click the jump to check out some algebraic leggings and the super-cute Catbug plush, as well as a coupon code for WeLoveFine's 4th of July sale!


Catbug plush, $12 [link]

Lady Rainicorn leggings, $26.50 [link]

Lumpy Space Princess Star leggings, $26.50 [link]

Gunter Icecap leggings, $26.50 [link]

Bravest Warriors Cosmic Group leggings, $26.50 [link]

Soft Taco Catbug leggings, $26.50 [link]