When Sony Pictures pulled the plug on "Spider-Man 4," everyone with even the slightest of investment in the Marvel Comics franchise wondered who could swing in and save the day to replace director Sam Raimi. Wes Anderson's name was briefly kicked around before "(500) Days of Summer" helmer Marc Webb officially landed the gig, leaving us to wonder what "Spider-Man" might have looked like in the "Rushmore" filmmaker's distinct hands.

Wonder no more, sports fans, as this hilarious fan made trailer for a Wes Anderson-directed "Spider-Man" film kills all of the speculation over what could have been. In case you can't bear Anderson's signature awkwardness, here are some of the highlights:

- Jason Schwartzman in full-on Max Fischer regalia plays Peter Parker.

- Gwyneth Paltrow in Margot Tenenbaum mode plays Mary Jane.

- Owen Wilson plays Harry Osborn and also delivers Uncle Ben's great monologue.

- Parker evokes a classic Steve Zissou line as he declares his intention to find Uncle Ben's killer.

- As Spider-Man, he manages to track down the culprit. The meeting is amicable.

While the actual actors aren't involved in the parody, you'd hardly guess based on the quality of the impersonations, especially the Wilson impression. Pretty genius effort by Jeff Loveness, Conrad Flynn and Kyle Helf.