It probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone that Batman '66 is hands down my pick for the best digital comic going today, but it's always worth repeating. It's the highlight of each and every comics week, and while I've personally been waiting decades for a new story about Egghead, Jeff Parker and Joe Quinones have spent the latest issue bringing in a character who may -- may -- have more appeal to modern audiences.

In this week's Batman '66 #7, they've introduced the 1966 version of Harley Quinn -- or at least, someone who'svery close.


If you want to get technical about it, she's currently just "Dr. Quinn," a psychiatrist studying the Joker at the Arkham Institute, but a peppy blonde doctor with a penchant for red and black diamonds is... well, about as subtle as the show that Parker and Quinones are drawing inspiration from. Either way, it's enough to draw evenmy attention from the fact that this issue also reintroduces Cesar Romero's painted-over moustache, an element of the Joker that's been sorely missing for the past 52 years.

I asked Parker about what this meant for the series and its cast:

"We're taking baby steps at the moment. I think it's fun to broaden the world that way - we haven't technically brought in Harley yet, after all. But WE COULD. As to why, I think we have to have some surprises that suggest we're going to expand the '66 world, or else you're just getting more of what you got from the show. And in my mind, the comic should straddle the worlds of the show and the comics."

So does this mean we'll be seeing more villains that never made it onto television done in the style of the show? A Prisoner-inspired Ra's al-Ghul? A woodstock-attending Anarky? Bane in a turtleneck, double-breasted suit and luchador mask? One can only hope.

And in my case, I really hope.

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