A few weeks ago, Kyle Starks, the insanely underrated creator of The Legend of Ricky Thunder, Adventure Wizard and Punch Captain, made a promise on Twitter. He said that if he got 200 followers, he'd write and draw a 15-page fan comic starring DC's Wild Dog. Today, that promise has been fulfilled.

The end result? 15 pages of what might be the funniest, most violent and most NSFW-language-having comic you'll read all week. Check it out in its entirety after the cut!For those of you who may not be familiar with Wild Dog -- which, let's face it, is probably going to be a lot of you -- he's one of the greatest creations of the post-Crisis DC Universe. Accompanied by the amazing tagline "everyone talks about terrorism -- he does something about it," Wild Dog was created in 1987 by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty, ostensibly as DC's answer to the Punisher.

The thing is, being the Punisher in a universe where grim, brutal vengeance is personified by a guy who dresses as a dracula and fights clowns comes with a certain level of weirdness, and that's what makes Wild Dog amazing. Even though they were still doing a brutal riff on crime comics -- the first thing Wild Dog does in #1 is kick a guy in the face so hard that it snaps his neck, explaining why I like him so darn much -- they put him into a world that was insane. His major foes are Die Hard-esque terrorists who spend their time attacking high-value targets in Iowa, and later, he finds himself pitted against a gang of costumed fundamentalist Christians who are firebombing pornography stores.

I am not joking. That is a thing that happened in the pages of Action Comics.

Even the series itself has an over-the-top gimmick. The first four issues asked the question "Who Is Wild Dog," with the readers given four possible suspects in a mystery that unfolded. So in that respect, Starks' version fits right in with the established style. The only thing that he really changes is that Wild Dog is now prone to telling jokes, making himself laugh and causing his eyes to match the dog cartoon on his football jersey.

Seriously, you gotta read it:

For more from Starks, check out his website and his Tumblr!

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