While skin-tight costumes have thrived as a staple of super hero books for as long as characters have been leaping over buildings, Witchblade's mystical armor shows enough skin to blur the line between costume and, well, not costume.

The clothes don't make the hero, however, which is why this mostly naked Sarah Pezzini cosplayer embodies the spirit of Witchblade so well - she's not wearing any.

Great White Snark's post brought this extremely well done body painting to our attention, noting the work of FleshandColor.com at 2008's Dragon Con. The costume was painted by artist Dewayne Flowers using a variety of techniques and the results? They speak for themselves.

I'm not sure Yancy Butler could have gotten away with an outfit this risque on the TNT "Witchblade" television series, but the outfit certainly matches the character's comic book counterpart. Who knows? Maybe the in-development film project will yield a similar suit?

Check out the painting process after the jump. There's no real straight-up nudity, but consider it NSFW just in case.